Alan (Al)  Veeck

Alan (Al) Veeck

Director of Dale Carnegie Eastern Virginia

Phone: 757-518-9100

Alan C. (Al) Veeck, CAFS, NCT II


Al Veeck retired in 2015 as Executive Director of the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA), and joined Infotec Dale Carnegie in 2017.  Al is a 1969 graduate of Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, with a degree in Business Adm.  

He began his 3rd career in the air filtration business in 1985 with Tidewater Air Filter as Vice President of Sales. While at Tidewater, he launched and served as General Manager for a new division of the company called BIO-TEC, Inc.  BIO-TEC began as a biological safety and cleanroom certification company and, with the predominance of indoor air quality problems that started in the middle 1980’s, quickly grew into a full-service indoor environmental testing company. 

While with Tidewater, Al served in various volunteer capacities including President of NAFA in 1999, working on the team that wrote the first book on air filtration, NAFA Guide to Air Filtration, and was part of the first group of NAFA members to pass the national accreditation exam to become a NAFA Certified Air Filter Specialist (CAFS).  He also worked on the committee to write the second text for NAFA entitled, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Air Filtration Systems.  In 1998, Tidewater was purchased by Flanders Precisionaire and Al served as the General Manager of the new company, called Airpure, until his resignation in 2003.  When he resigned from Airpure, NAFA was searching for someone to manage the international trade association and asked Al to take the position.  With prior experience in association work, Al accepted and was NAFA’s Executive Director through 2015.  He received his NAFA Certified Technician (NCT) Level II accreditation in 2006.

Al served in many phases of service in the HVAC industry including ASHRAE - Hampton Roads chapter, as past chair of Research Promotion and activities that support the local scholarship program.  Internationally, he has served as Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair of Technical Committee 2.4, “Particulate Contaminants and Particulate Contaminant Removal Equipment.”  During this period, he actively worked to put forward the revised air filter testing standard, ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 52.2, chaired 3 Forums and one Seminar, had articles on air filtration published in the ASHRE Journal, and wrote a research proposal and was PMC chair for ASHRAE Research Project 1190.   In 2004, Al was selected by the ASHRAE Board of Directors as a Distinguished Lecturer speaking on air filtration applications and in 2014 received the Distinguished Service Award from both ASHRAE and NAFA. 

In 1980, he earned his instructor certification for Dale Carnegie Training® and over the ensuing 38 years, attained additional certifications to instruct courses in High Impact Presentations® Leadership Training for Managers® World Class Customer Service® and more than 20 other courses.  

Al has a private pilot‘s license enjoys playing golf, woodworking or just relaxing somewhere at his Lake Gaston home with his wife Nancy.  He especially enjoys spending time with his 8 grandchildren.